2015 – That’s a Wrap!

2015 was a great year at SoundBravo with lots of fun jobs, exciting travel destinations and many great connections.

Here are some highlights:

The year got off to a fast start working in Texas and Arizona with award-winning filmmaker Jenny Carchman and DP Svetlana Cvetko on a CNN original film, Enlighten Me, about self-help guru James Arthur Ray.

February saw me off to the very far away island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia. Imagine the volcanic and fertile land of Hawaii, but with only one small hotel consisting of several single occupant huts and one restaurant. The job was for a British show called New Lives in the Wild that airs on UK Channel 5.

Nuku Hiva Harbor

Did I mention it’s a magical place?

Nuku Hiva Beach

In March, I was fortunate to continue working on a great upcoming documentary for NOVA with acclaimed director Sarah Holt and DP Stephen McCarthy about new treatments for Alzheimer’s at Genentech in the Bay Area. In the fall of 2014, I went to Medellín, Colombia to film families afflicted by this horrible condition, and the local doctors working with Genentech to understand the disease.

Medellin from Hills

March also brought the end to a documentary project I’ve been honored to be a part of for the past two years about the great Masumoto family. The film, Changing Season: On The Masumoto Family Farm, was directed by Jim Choi, edited by Chihiro Wambush, produced by CAAM (Center for Asian American Media), and premiered at CAAMFest 2015.  It will air nationally on PBS in 2016, so stay tuned for details.

Masumoto farm

Jim Bravo Chihiro

In June, I worked in New York on a documentary about Grimshaw Architects, a famous London-based firm that is responsible for many unique buildings and several creative citywide improvements in and around New York City, like these simple bike stands that are actually redesigned drainage grates to prevent flooding in subway tunnels.

Subway grate cover

Because I grew up in New York, I cherish and jump at every opportunity to return and was lucky enough to go back two more times in 2015 for a new CNN series, Race for the White House, produced by the London-based company, RAW. The series is co-produced and narrated by Kevin Spacey, and focuses on the inner workings of famous, or significant presidential campaigns. We interviewed many behind-the-scenes consultants, campaign managers and various handlers for an enlightening and somewhat frightening picture of what it takes to run and succeed as a candidate. It will air in spring 2016.

Howard Dean CNN John McCain CNN

Another great project I’ve been able to work on over the past two years that is also coming to an end, and will hopefully air in 2016 is In A Moment. Directed by Jason Crain, the film tells the story of the Aspelin family living in San Francisco, and a careless, but far-reaching shaken baby syndrome accusation.

And of course it wasn’t just all work. I got to take my wife to see Colombia and had a family reunion.



Really, the only one that was sad about all the trips in 2015 was our cat that keeps trying to join in, and may succeed one day.

Dora case